The most important entry of the trip.

Hello friends and family! Cristi is safely off to the airport and we are getting ready to meet with the FH Country Director for Peru. 

I noticed while checking the stats that this blog is getting over 400 hits a day!  Thank you so much for your support. The idea of so many people checking this and reading it has led me to take this opportunity to share a huge need from the community of LaPerla with all of you who have been following our trip.  Yup – here it comes – I just want to present you with an opportunity to sponsor a child here in LaPerla. 

I had considered including a whole photo gallery of all of the amazing and beautiful children we spent the last week with that are eagerly awaiting sponsorship….but that felt a little manipulative and I just want the facts to speak for themselves.  Last night at the farewell ceremonies a girl I had never seen before shyly walked up to me with her mother and held out a wrinkled and well-handled photo to me.  It was a photo of my sister and my two nieces.  Her mother explained to me that my sister sponsored her daughter and how the whole household had celebrated when they got the news.  The photo was well worn because the girl carries it with her wherever she goes.  Another girl stayed home from the farewell last night because she was crying so hard she couldn´t bear to leave the house.  These are real kids with real needs, and there are over 150 of them in LaPerla that still need sponsorship.

The medical team went and observed some of the programs that FH funds for the communities.  There are literally travelling museums that show the importance of washing your hands and cleaning your water.  They gave out over 2000 safe-water containers to families throughout Pucallpa this year.  The Saturday morning tutoring class is completely booked.  All of the cooking classes and financial classes for the mothers of the community are provied.  And all of these programs and more are covered by the costs of child sponsorship.  This is of course on top of all of the other benefits that are specifically for your child.  Of those benefits, perhaps one of the most powerful is the fact that your sponsor child´s family may some day soon have a celebration of their own, and that child might have his or her own photo to carry in their notebook.

This isn´t a late-night informercial with a lot of sad looking kids.  This is a call for you to participate in the lives of this happy community that is growing in hope, growing in God, growing in confidence….and we want to help them keep growing.  The cost of child sponsorship is $32/Month.  If you want to join the quickly-growing family of Americans and Peruvians in this beautiful family (which we´ll be returning to next year), please shoot an email to   It is going to be crazy when I get home, but I promise to get back to you next week and we´ll set you up.  Thank you all so much for listening.  Time to go hang out with the director!


What our team will be doing in LaPerla

Well, we finally have our detailed timeline of the trip!  We are ready to be flexible and know that some things will change, but it is exciting to have a really good idea of what we’ll be up to.

 Steve Lewis will be in Pucallpa for a few days ahead of the team working with FH (Food for the Hungry) on a new promotional video for their child sponsorship program.  It is an exciting concept, and it will involve a lot of interviews in the FH offices and also out in the field.  The whole team will meet up in Pucallpa at 10:45am on Wednesday the 26th.

 Over the next week we will be doing all sorts of things in the community.  Most will revolve around spending as much time with the people of LaPerla as possible.  LaPerla is the neighborhood in Pucallpa that our group is in partnership with.  I’ll list some of the specific activities below:

 – Cookie baking!  We are going to lead a reflexion group with some of the local women in which we teach the women how to bake cookies.  There is an opportunity for some of the women to make some additional income for their families by selling the cookies they can learn to make.  We are bringing cookie sheets and measuring cups down with us, and will have a fun raffle at the end of the group to be able to distribute the items.

 – Nightime workshops.  For two of the evenings we will split up and meet with 100 youth, 20 young adults, and 20 adults and use that time to entertain, bond with, and most importantly instruct.  All focus will be on family matters regarding unity, respect, and working together as a family.  W’ll also be taking photos of the families and printing them off right there in the middle of the rainforest!  What an exciting gift to share with many families who do not even have one family photograph.

 – Construction.  We will be helping repair some homes.  We will also be doing some work in the (literal) trenches with waste removal and maintenance.

 -Medical assistance.  We have a fantastic group of 3 of our team members who will be working throughout the week to see to the medical needs of the community.  Along with their valuable skills, they are also bringing down a huge amount of medicine that will continue to help serve the community long after we have gone.

 -Social events and home visits.  We’re going to go see our sponsor children!  This is Jennifer and my favorite part of the whole week.  Getting to spend some great one-on-one time with your sponsor family is an amazing experience.  All 8 of our team members sponsor kids in the community, so it will be a fantastic afternoon.  We also have a whole night set aside when we are going to meet at the community field and just play soccer and volleyball with the families under the stars.

 Well, that covers a lot of what we’ll be doing – and in other ways doesn’t even scratch the surface!  It is going to be an amazing time.  Your prayers and support are of course so valuable to our team and we’re thrilled to have you as part of our extended team!