Finally! Some photos from our medical clinic!

We finally gathered our photos together and I was able to grab a few of the great stills taken of our team working  at a medical clinic right on the town square in LaPerla.  I know I typed about it a little back during the trip, but it really is just too hard to explain what an amazing job everyone on the team did to be able to work together to help these people.  The planning and preparation by Jason, Chrisi, and Katie was absolutely amazing and it really helped keep everything moving really well.  Everyone else joined in with Pam, Kim, and Jenn being amazing pharmacists and Alfred helping with translation in the diagnosis department.  It was an amazing time, and we were all so grateful for the priviledge of getting to serve this amazing community.


A few more photos from today…

Photos! Photos! Photos!

Today´s photos

Photos from Thursday, Pt 1