Hola, Amigos!
Steve here. We just wanted to check in to say that it has been a great trip so far, and everyone is healthy and doing well. Any of you familiar with this team and what our mission is know that the primary reason we do these trips are just to be an encouragement and to continue to develop relationships with these amazing servants and the children they serve. But since this is a blog post for a short term mission team in the jungle people are always asking what we’ve been “doing”. Well, the gates open for AWANA in just two minutes (and laughing, screaming kids will pour onto the campus) so I’ll backslide off of my soapbox of “relational missions” and give ya an old fashioned list real quick. Because, after all, if you can’t prove the value of your team with a list of accomplishments what’s the point, right? 😉
-Shopping for Christmas gifts was amazing. It took a solid four hours and it was great to see each member of our team paired up with a missionary. It was so much fun, and I’ll post photos soon if I can.

-Nikki and Jenn have been going nonstop with all kinds of fun things. Baking cakes (Jaden helped), making the name tags for all the Christmas gifts, and doing tons of tasks for the HUGE AWANA birthday party celebration today.

-The fellas have been working down in the shop repairing, grinding, sanding and painting a twisty-slide for out at. The Orchard.

-Jeff just had a tarantula crawl around on him for a while. Just five minutes ago. No thanks. But still a noteworthy accomplishment.

-We sit in with the different youth clubs when we can,and actually the whole gang had a really fun time during the games time with the jr high and high schoolers this morning.
Ah, lists. It always seems like they are such a pale, blurry reflection of the incredible picture that God is painting down here. Sure, our team is a small part of the picture this week, but I see so much beauty in how God is using our little team in all the little moments between the lines/lists. I’d say more, but I really need to go play right now. Just gotta remember to add “playing” to the next list!


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