Surprise! We are in Peru!

Surprise! We’re in Peru on a mission trip!

Hello there, Peru people!  Shelli and Daniel and Jenn and I are down here in the Amazon hanging out with and serving the missionaries here and the children they care for.  Even as I type this I hear the collective shouts of joy from the hundred or so children in the AWANA program as they play games in between their times of learning and worship and such.

For those of you who don’t know, this trip is kind of a “working vacation”. Jenn and I and The Walkers decided to come down here on our own time and own dime (we will save those fundraising letters you always look forward to for the October trip) and while it is most definitely a more relaxed, fellowship-based time we are still all working on projects. Jenn is over in the cafeteria as I write, continuing to work on the mural (which everyone here loves). I’ll be out at The Orchard children’s home at sunrise tomorrow working on a new video for them as well as shooting the parts needed for an updated TEC care facility video and a Spanish language one as well. Shelli and Daniel have been working really hard at the new team house site, doing everything from insulation to painting to varnish – all trying to get it ready for a wave of interns that get here next week!  That job is also really fun because it’s the home our RHO (rockharbor Orange) team will be staying inside in October!  Shelli is also going to be doing medical checkups on Thursday and Friday AND there is a desperate need for medication to treat hundreds of cases of worms down here, and the money donated by our church family at RHO is buying all of that in full. A huge thank you to the folks in Orange – this is an immediate and tangible comfort and aid to these kids!

It’s incredible to watch the big picture plan unfold here at TEC over the years.  A few years ago we were braking up the foundation of the old kitchen, then a year later we were staining cabinets, and now the new kitchen and dining room is full of children who are having their bodies nourished with food, their minds being filled with education, and their souls being nourished by the Word of God being both spoken and lived out into their lives.  Many teams and many supporters make a project like this happen and it’s just an incredible thing to watch play out over the course of three years. This is just one example of the long-term vision and efficient execution of plans by the leadership here to build up all aspects of the whole child – physically and spiritually.  The team house we are working on now is another great example – this is a plan that has been in the works for five years, and the first group of people here to serve these kids (for SIX weeks!) arrive to live there this weekend! I can’t even imagine the blessings that home will bring to both the people here and especially those coming to serve over the next twenty or thirty years.  Heck, the way The guys here build things it is much more likely it will be a hundred and thirty years.

Ok, enough typing. I should get some real work done. Well, before the basketball game, that is…….







One thought on “Surprise! We are in Peru!

  1. Melanie Vogel says:

    So glad you are there! Blessings to you all and especially the kids and their families. Let me know if you need anything back here in our Eichler neighborhood.

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