Update: Kids in the dining room!!!!!!

Hello, Peru peeps!!!

It’s an exciting day down at the TEC care facility in Peru!  Over a year ago Alfred and I were breaking up the foundation of the old kitchen after two other teams before us had gotten the ball rolling with construction on the new cafeteria/kitchen/upstairs classroom. Then over 2015 teams from Oregon, Pennsylvania and other areas came down and continued the construction. We had the honor of putting the finishing touches this year with Daniel, Leah, Jaden, Jeff, Rachel Jenn and I chipping in with the staff that had already been working year-round. Today they served their first meal in the new building!

It is such an honor to be a small part of creating this space where thousands of children from San Jose will be fed and nurtured physically in the downstairs area and then be able to go upstair to be nourished educationally and spiritually by the staff there. You, as our supporters, are part of this team too! Your financial support of our team as well as your year-round prayers have played an important part as well. rejoice in this awesome day!!!

dining1 dining2 dining3 dining4 dining5


One thought on “Update: Kids in the dining room!!!!!!

  1. Such a wonderful gift to these children and to their community! Jenn’s mural is so great and enlivens and beautifies the room! Blessings to you both and to all who contributed and committed to supporting this fantastic project!

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