Testing…testing…nine days to go!

Hello, friends and supporters!

Welcome to October! I’m giving this new app a test run just to make sure everything will work fine with updating from the field, and I thought I’d send a little update as we are preparing to hit the southbound road once again.

We have our schedule for our time in LaPerla, and I’m so excited about how Food for the Hungry has planned and organized our time. We will be working with the local medical clinic again, providing a huge amount of medicines (thanks to YOU guys!) and running triage, the pharmacy, and offering prayer support. There’s so many other things we’re doing this year too! I’ll give you more detailed updates as the events and activities happen, but we’ll be doing everything from shooting a short documentary to speaking in the public schools and doing a construction project at the church. It’s going to be so great!

To end this short entry, I will simply ask for prayer for myself as I try to get everything organized and prepared for the team, and also for Pam, Christi, Jono, Daniel, Shelli and Jenn as they prepare. Everyone has their own responsibilities, and as we all know – real life doesn’t stop just because we’re preparing to go somewhere! I pray for health, calmness, and just that their spirits will be being prepared to serve, even as the Holy Spirit prepares the way in Peru.

Love to you all!

Steve& Peru team.