A cool little video.

Here is a short little video that RockHarbor made, Kind of an ultra-quick overview.


Thank you to The Beacon! About a week to go!

Hooray! Everything is in motion again!

I’m so sorry I took so long off from the blog. The fact is that for over six months there it was looking like we weren’t going to be able to make it back! RockHarbor church completed their commitment of 3 years helping our team and decided that we wouldn’t be able to run our team and fundraising through the church. I either met with or talked to leaders at six churches over a period of six months and everything was just brick walls. Then in a fantastic turn of events Ric Olsen of The Beacon Church here in our hometown of Orange stepped up and just offered to let us run our fundraising through the Beacon with no fees or anything at all. It was such a surprise and such a great gift. Ric and everyone at the Beacon have been so amazing to everyone on our team and we are so grateful.

This past Sunday our Peru team went to The Beacon on Sunday morning to worship with the congregation that was sending us out. We were called up to the front and got to talk a little bit about what we were all about and to share some stories of how God has been using us in LaPerla. Then what seemed like half the congregation came up and prayed for us and Ric prayed a prayer that was such a blessing as well. It was so fun to just hang out for a long time afterwards and talk to the great people from this unique and inspirational church. Five trips and this was the first time we were commissioned! Thanks so much to The Beacon!

Please pray for Christi as she is out traveling pre-trip on her way down to Peru. Of course the last week before going is always a stressful time on many levels, so we humbly ask for prayer on that level as well. Our other main prayer request at this time is just that God prepare the hearts and minds of the kids and adults we are going down there to serve.