November update on the team and LaPerla

I kept delaying the writing of this entry because I always felt like there was just too much to catch up on and I needed a patch of time where I could just write and write.  I don’t know if that time is ever going to come, so I’m finally making this entry and committing to doing at least one entry per month to update everyone and let you all know what is and has been going on!

I’ll start with updates from our team.  A whole lot has happened since we have been back!  Katie got engaged!  Pam is moving back to Peru!  Kim and Alfred just celebrated their 6-month anniversary and are settling into married life quite nicely.  Jason has been through a few very rough medical procedures and God has given him the strength to fight through a few disappointments and still stay the positive, inspirational man he is.  Elaina is healthy and happy and is knee-deep in school work.  Christi is a real-life Supergirl, working through a massive load of schoolwork and studying.  Shelli is working away at Hoag Hospital, and just generally being awesome (that’s her thing).  Jenn has been working day-and-night to finish the illustrations for her first children’s book which will be published in hardback and out by Christmas.  I’ve just been trying to keep my head (and my business) above water, and God has provided consistant work ever since I’ve been home from Peru – a real blessing!

OK, so that’s enough about US.  The big news from the field is that we have a new field liaison contact with Food for the Hungry, and his name is Juan Pablo Belmonte.  This is a very exciting thing, because Juan Pablo is a Bolivian national who lives and works in Bolivia, but also makes frequent visits to all of the FH field areas in Peru!  This is a big change from my main contact having to be a gringo in the Phoenix office that then takes my questions and ideas and passes them down to the field.  They have taken out a whole huge link in the communication chain – and it’s fantastic!  Juan Pablo was actually just in LaPerla last week!  Without going into all the details, let me just say that this is a really cool and big thing.

The next big thing is really exciting! The Food for the Hungry website has been updated, and there are so many cool things you can do now!  They have no made it so you can email your child – so no more excuses about it being too hard! (you know who you are…. wink, wink)  Also, there is an amazing section called MY FH where you can sign up for free and connect with all sorts of other people and teams from around the country who are all involved in Peru!  Please take a second and check it out at

I anxiously await the LaPerla community report from Daniella and the field office in Pucallpa.  It is supposed to arrive in December, and I promise to transcribe it and get it up here on the blog the very day I receive it.  I also hope to get some members of the team to send me a few observations and memories from this past trip so I can pass them on to you.  I’m going to attach a few photos that haven’t been up here before, just because….well……it’s fun!

God bless all of you.  Please pray for guidance for our team as we slowly move forward towards our return next year.

-Steve & the gang.