quick update from Lima

Hello, all!

Im really sorry the blog has been so weak this year. There has just been either no access to internet or the days were so long that I just couldnt manage it. Ill shoot you a quick update now from the Lima airport.

-Elaina is recovering at home and will be fine.
-Pam is safely back in Florida for the first time in over 6 months and is enjoying time with her family.
-Christi is very sick, but safely home. Please pray for her speedy recovery, as she starts nursing school on Monday
-Jason is safely home. He is also rad.
-Shelli got home safely and is finishing up working the weekend at yet another youth camp at home in California.
-Katie is home safely. She is also one of my very favorite people. Jenn and I want to buy her a house.
-Stever, Jenn, and Alfred fly home today and will be in to LAX by midnight tonight. Steve and Jenn have nasty colds but its ok.

more photos! (and then there were 6)

Not time for words, so included some more photos.  Elaina is safely back and is being attended to. Katie is safely home as well (sweet angel). Shelli is in the air on her way home to LA right now.Pray for Alfred, Steve, and pam as they are all sick. Pam, Christi and Jason fly to Lima tonight at 745pst.  They’ll head home tomorrow…please pray for their safe journey.

It has been an unbelieveable 8 days.  Beyond words.  Which is why there have been so few words.  Apolgies again on that front….I PROMISE a proper review a.s.a.p.

Photo-fest! (finally)


Team update (Elaina and Katie coming home)

Hey gang.

Truth be told, I had been downplaying Elaina’s condition in order to not cause too much stress and worry by her family and friends while the doctors and I navigated the Peruvian health care system.  First and foremost let me say that Elaina has been without a fever for 24 hours and is safely in Lima.  I can’t type all the details, but the decision was made that what would be in the best interest of Elaina would be to get her home earlier than scheduled.  We of course did not want her to travel by herself, so Katie stepped up in a an absolutely huge way and cut her trip short this morning to make sure to take care of Elaina and to get her home safely.   Obviously this is a big deal and we so much appreciate your prayers…..but please let me keep you all from worrying too much and repeat again that she has been fever-free for over a day now and we are simply getting her home early to get her to her doctor.  Please pray for them both tomorrow as they travel back to Los Angeles.

Well, I apologize sincerely for my poor performance as a blogger this trip.  It has been a really different schedule and there is literally no down time.  I’m going to let the photos hopefully do the talking as I upload a ton while I get in the shower before bed.  I hope that the photos can help fill in the space I wish I had the energy to fill with my words.  Love to you all.

quick story before breakfast

Some of you know that our team has been preparing a special choreographed dance as a special gift for LaPerla at the welcome ceremony. For those of you who do not know, dancing is HUGE in Laperla. Well, last night our team did our dance up on the stage in front of a completely packed house at church. The congregation leapt up in excitement and insisted we run through the entire thing again so they could learn as well. Alfred stole the show as usual with his mad freestyle moves.

We have a team meeting in a few minutes, then we pack up the meds and head to the clinic for the day. Today should be another very full and frantic day, but we all feel deeply and genuinely honored to be where we are doing what we are doing.

Please hang in there…..I am dying to get some photos up and tell you more about the amazing miracles that have been happening all around us.  Love to you all.

Another looong day

Hello, friends!

We’ve been gone for 16 hours and it’s time to try to get some sleep before we leave for the medical clinic early tomorrow. Everyone is ok, but our sweet Elaina is still feeling really crummy. Please lift her up in your prayers. Please pray that God gets her back on her feet and heals her body. Thanks to all of you. Love.

1st 2 days…


Yesterday was an amazing first day at the camp. We have 60 teenagers that are staying at the camp for the whole weekend. Our days generally go in the order of breakfast – devotions – worship time (just a bunch of singing and dancing around) – workshops (the main lessons for the day)- games – lunch – crafts – sports – dinner – FUN TIME!  Last night the fun time was an amazing talent show that lasted a full two hours….

Yesterday Shelli and Christi taught on the importance of choosing the right friends and avoiding negative influences.  The kids were super-attentive and it was a really great message.  The rest of the day had so many great stories….it hurts me to not get them up on the blog but once again I’m really beat and have another super-early morning ahead.

Today Elaina spoke and gave her testimony of the subject of purity and mostly just about valuing your body and respecting yourself.  After her talk we split the group in to girls and guys and went head first into “the talk”.  Our doctors handled all sorts of practical information regarding sexual activity, while also spending a lot of time on the emotional and spiritual challenges involved in this particularly confusing area of adolescence.  It was a unbelieveably productive time where these young people spoke up and asked questions. 

I really meant to type so much more, but I am just so tired.  I’ll cut to the chase with a few main points.  Pam’s sponsor child Judith accepted Christ into her life today – it was amazing.  The team had so much fun together today – it was my favorite day in Peru ever.  Most importantly please pray for our sweet Elaina.  She got herself a nasty little stomach virus and was feeling awful tonight with a fever.  We were able to get her back to the hotel early for a super-long night’s rest.  She has a great attitude and is resting well and the doctors expect her to recover quickly.  Thanks for your prayers.

Tomorrow is the last day with the teens, and we’ll be challenging them to really think about their futures. Then we will actually have the afternoon off where I might have the one opportunity to provide you faithful readers with the entertaining, witty and generally fabulous blog entries you expect (and deserve).

-Love from all of us in Peru to all of you wherever you are.