Another update from the field!

There is some *very* exciting news coming up about our team and our upcoming trip this August. I will be posting regarding those events in the next few weeks.

For the time being, I want to share another update from the field with you. These updates arrive quarterly from the field office in Pucallpa, and the one we received this week is the first ever report from the new CDP facilitators in LaPerla -Daniela Sampayo and Rebeca Vila! The rest of this entry is their quarterly report from LaPerla.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Our names are Daniela Sampayo and Rebeca Vila. We are very thankful to our God for this opportunity to work for His kingdom in this community as CDP facilitators. We are very thankful to see the blessings that La Perla community is experiencing thanks to your partnership. We encourage you to continue working together to benefit the children and families. May you be blessed by God according to His riches in glory,
Daniela and Rebeca, FH CDP community facilitator and FH support.

LOCAL CHURCH UPDATE – The church members are helping in the construction of the new church rooms that will be used as Sunday School classes for children and teenagers.

– The church celebrated the Christmas and New Year with special programs carried out by the church members who put into practice their gifts and talents.
– There was also the closing ceremony of the ICTHUS Program (carried out by the teenagers) where parents and teens gathered to celebrate the closing of the 2009 year.

EVIDENCE OF TRANSFORMATION – Lelys Linares Barbaran –a CDP Mother Leader said that she used to attend church but due to the fact that her husband is an alcoholic she stopped attending church. However she constantly attended the reflection group meetings, now called School for Life. The teachings, orientations and trainings that she received from FH allowed her to decide to reconcile with Jesus Christ. Now she is attending church often and trying to learn more about God’s word. She is also motivating her children to go with her. God changes lives in his time, and His word never returns empty.

THANKSGIVING – We Praise the Lord for the families that accepted Jesus Christ, that are attending church meetings and decided to serve him.
For sister Guillermina as her health has improved and for her leadership as the pastor’s wife.

1. Pray for the pastor Juan Carlos Pacaya, and for the challenges that he is facing as the President of the community.
2. Pray that the construction project of the church building continues.
3. Pray for the economic situation of the families of the community. Pray that they would be able to afford their children’s school expenses as the new school year starts in March.

– Pray for Daniela Sampayo, new FH CDP facilitator in the community: For wisdom on how to make the best decisions for her and her family.
– Pray for Rebeca Vila; FH CDP support: Pray for her family and for her spiritual life.
– Pray that God would continue to bless Daniela and Rebeca in everything they do. Pray that their dreams come true in God’s time.