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Quick mid-day update.

Hello!  Today it is HOT!  Oh my goodness, it is hot.  So, we are back at the hotel for lunch and a quick rest.  The medical team spent the morning with a group of health officials with FH, exchanging inofrmation.  I haven´t heard any details yet, but I did hear it went well.  Steve, Alfred, Kim, Jenn and Pam went to the construction site this morning and worked for about 3 1/2 hours.  Steve and Alfred dug holes (SO HOT!), and the girls were amazing – they sanded, put a coat of primer, and then ANOTHER coat of primer on the whole area that was requested.  Katie dropped by after the medical meeting and helped for the last hour.  Katie is HARDCORE!  Jenn´s sponsor child Paquita and some of her friends all hung out at the site, and there was plenty of playing to go with our working.  Steve did a radio interview with the local radio station, and then they gave us all a shout-out on the radio!  Fun stuff.  Today has been really fun.  The only negative thing going on with the spirits of our team is the growing feeling of sadness that we are almost done.  I can´t even explain how sad it makes me…..we are all trying to soak in every moment.

Prayer answers – Jason has slept through the night every single night!  That rarely even happens at home, and though the pain persists in his legs and he still needs your prayers, we are grateful.

Prayer requests – Jenn has had a nasty cold the last few days….but as usual she is soldiering on.  Rachel has the same cold, and Cristi has had a bit of a rough day so for as well.  Cristi is doing a bit better, but was bad earlier and would love the support of your thoughts and prayers.


I really wish I could post more photos…but they take so long to uplaoad here!  Hopefully tonight.

Well – time to go eat….lay down for a second…and get back to LaPerla!

Another wonderful day (and late night!)

I apologize in advance for another short entry.  It is midnight here, and we just arrived back after leaving at 9am.  Today we were surprised at church to learn that Alfred, Katie, Jenn and Cristi would be in charge of sunday school for the kids!  They adapted (as everyone on this team seems amazing at doing), and after the message by Luis was done they each led their teams in a bible verse and song in front of the whole congregation.  It was the kind of CLUTCH performance that seems to be the norm with these people.

This afternoon we took a 40 minute boat ride up the river to a Shapibo (sp?) village where we dance with the locals, got Shapibo tatoos (temporary), and hung out with “the monkey”.  Yes, it was a real monkey…and no, I cannot elaborate.  Ask you friend when they get home.

We were informed after church this morning that we would be responsible for the message to the congregation this evening.  On the sunset boat ride back to Pucallpa from the village, Steve and Jason prepared.  This evening we spoke in front of the church and the team did a really cool song/choreography deal that he people really enjoyed.  I´m 100% sure we enjoyed looking put at them even more.

Off to bed.

Short and sweet.

Sponsor child visits were amazing.  Over 100 patients were seen by our medical clinic.  The whole community came out to cheer and play soccer late into the night.  Alfred scored a goal.  Our team has all fallen in love with each other, and we are having the time of our freakin´lives.

(Back to real blogging tomorrow)

A big Friday night out in LaPerla!

I apologize in advance for the brief and to-the-point presentation of today´s entry, but it is late and tomorrow is an absolutely HUGE day.

This afternoon was so fun!  Over 40 Women showed up for the baking class, which lasted more than two hours!  Jenn did an amazing job having every little detail ready to go for all 40 of the women.  3 groups made different cookies, which thanks to an amazing effort by Alfred (a man know to make things happen) where able to be made 2 sheets at a time instead of only one.  I still have no idea where that guy found another oven rack that fit that exact oven in the middle of a village in Peru.  Everyone chipped in a lot, and Kim didn´t evn complain about her rough job directly behind the oven….in all sincerity it must have been over 120 degrees back there.  All 8 sets of baking supplies were raffled off to the participants, cookies were eaten, and all left very happy (and sweaty!)

I could type forever about tonight and what all of the teams did.  I think I´ll have to let them share their experiences with you when they get home.  Cristi said that even more adults came tonight than last night, and many shared their thoughts on how much they had appreciated the teachings of last night.  Alfred and Kim rocked the adolescent group with cool games and a powerful message from Alfred, who set aside his prepared paper and spoke from his heart about respecting your parents.  The kids really admire him.  Pam, Katie, Jenn and I had almost double the amount of children – about 100!  The photos below tell the story.  Two words (borrowed from Pam): Beautiful Chaos.

Tomorrow we go to the Saturday morning toutoring class that FH provied the 5th and 6th graders.  The kids are so eager to learn and actually are beside themselves with pleasure to come and receive additional help with their schooling – even on Saturdays!  From there we are all going to see our sponsor children and we get to spend almost a whole hour with our child and their family!  There´s hardly time to catch our breath, and then the are setting up for a medical clinic that Jason, Katie, and Cristi will be doing to help the children in the community.  We are so thankful that they get to use their amazing gifts and talents to help the people of LaPerla in such a tangible way.  The evening will be filled with loads of games and sports….and finally around 10 or so we will head back. 

I cannot promise you an entry tomorrow night….tomorrow is a huge day and I might just pass out.  In any case, please pray for endurance for our team throughout the day.  Tomorrow night is a really important event for the community, and we really want to be  and in the game for them.  Finally, please pray for Jenn as she is feeling really awful tonight.  I´m hoping that it is just exhaustion from running the afternoon session and leading the children´s group. 

THANK YOU for your support!

Today´s photos